Based out of Austin, Texas singer and songwriter Sheridan Reed  grew up in a household overflowing with musical diversity. Citing influences ranging from Stevie Wonder and The Jackson Five to more recently Billie Eilish and Allen Stone. His debut single, 2018's “We Should Both Be Here”, released independently has seen widespread praise from both critics and fans alike. The video for which garnered over 200k views in just over 30 days as of October 2018. “Sheridan Reed is adept at fashioning songs fuelled by his mastery of combining soul and pop with intense passion and quiet sentimentality. His single "We Should Both Be Here" is an exceptional example of his talent and of his storytelling.” - EarMilk 9/18

Coming off of his first major cross country tour in the Fall of 2018, Sheridan Reed has since released two singles, and has set his sights on releasing his debut EP in the Spring of 2019. The inspiration for his album comes from both a cathartic and passionate place. The music speaks to love lost, love betrayed, love found, and the beautiful and mysterious events that lead to each. It touches on growing older and the process of growing through hardships. These themes play over 3 brand new tracks featuring notes of old soul and new mixed with highlights of pop and r&b. Reed’s most recent single which will also be included in the EP plays with these elements of intensity and uncertainty perfectly. Sheridan Reed’s music speaks to audiences across the globe as a soundtrack to their emotional journey through life.