Sheridan Reed, 25, has been playing music since the young age of seven. He cut his teeth playing the San Diego music scene from 2011-2015, and relocated to Austin in the fall of 2016 in search of a broader audience. 

Reed has been performing locally almost nonstop since his move, and in spring of 2017 began working on his much anticipated album, I’ll Be Fine - EP,  produced by Tonal Records. That summer, the release of the album’s single, We Should Both Be Here, garnered attention from local media and fans all over the country. Reed draws from a broad range of soul, jazz, blues, folk and rock influences, while his melodies subtly hint at his West Coast beginnings. Sheridan continues to play locally and is also available for private gigs. 

I'll Be Fine-EP  is available on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.




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