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Single Feature with Word is Bond

Sheridan Reed’s new single, “Money Maker” is featured and reviewed by Word is Bond saying,

“The Austin based singer and songwriter touches the soul with his sensual and smooth vocals, expressing a paramount message. Reed incites listeners to  move past the arousal of beauty to discover our pure essence.Through this soulful ballad, Reed reveals it’s within our core where confidence exudes rather than ‘money maker’ shakes and moves. A dynamic difficult to grasp in today’s era but Reed offers a lyrical utopia to embrace.”

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Exclusive Premiere with CelebMix

Sheridan Reed debuts his slow and sultry new single titled, “Money Maker” with Celebmix. This is Reed’s third single and release before his heavily anticipated EP coming out Spring 2019.

“His debut single, ‘We Should Both Be Here,’ received widespread praise from fans and critics and has gained media attention from major outlets. “Money Maker” should be no different. With Reed’s soothing voice mixed with the soft R&B sounds, the single is sure to be a hit. “

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Playlist Feature with Madness to Creation

Sheridan Reed shares some of his favorite songs with Madness to Creation in a personal Spotify playlist!

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Interview with The Cools

Elyssa Goodman interviews Sheridan Reed about his art, history, and fashion sense among other things, “Preferring neutrals to bright colors—in part because he doesn’t want to clash his ensembles with his tattoo—Reed is also a self-described sucker for a wingtip boot and a double monk-strap shoe, an unusual hat, his fingers, wrists, ears, and neck dotted in jewelry.”

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Interview with Vents Magazine

Vents- ”Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Sheridan- “More like a particular person, and perhaps a particular evening. It was someone that I had a bit of history with and we ended up hanging out one night when she was in a relationship. There was palpable, dangerous tension, although we made the responsible choice to not act on it, the feeling still stuck with me.”

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Feature with Vandala Magazine

Vandala Magazine feature’s Sheridan Reed’s most recent single, “Twisted Up”

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Single Feature with Solo Vibes

“Austin-based soul singer, Sheridan Reed takes you on a emotional journey with the release of his latest offering, "Twisted Up." The track tells a story of the emotional push and pull of being attracted to someone who is already spoken for.”

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Music Video Feature with Urban Influencer

Urban Influencer features Sheridan Reed’s first official music video for his single, “We Should Both Be Here” saying:

“His debut single, 2018's “We Should Both Be Here”, released independently has seen widespread praise from both critics and fans alike. The video for which garnered over 200k views in just over 30 days as of October 2018.”
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New Single “Twisted Up” Feature with IndieMinded

Sheridan Reed’s new single, “Twisted Up” gets featured with Indie Minded saying about the single:

“‘Twisted Up’ plays with these elements of intensity and uncertainty perfectly. Telling a story of the emotional push and pull of being attracted to someone who is already spoken for. Sheridan Reed’s music speaks to audiences across the globe as a soundtrack to their emotional journey through life.”

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New Single “Twisted Up” Feature with PM Studio

PM Studio features Sheridan Reed’s new single, “Twisted Up”, saying about the track:

“The track is like '80s pop and R&B style, following his debut song "We Should Both Be Here", which was released back in July. 
Chord progress of the song reminds us of Bobby Whitlock's "Scenery Has Slowly Changed".”

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Live Performance with Good Day Austin Fox7

Sheridan Reed performs an acoustic broken down version of his hit single, “We Should Both Be Here” on Fox 7, Good Day Austin.

To watch the performance:

Music Video Feature and Review with ComicPop Library

“The music video takes it’s ques from the single with a slow panning aspect that captures the rhythm of the song.  Look for Sheridan Reed’s album when it becomes available, until then enjoy the music video for “We Should both Be Here”’

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Azaria Magazine Music Video Feature

“The single is riddled with nostalgia and bouncy lyrics reminiscent of a past relationship. Love and charm, a formidable combination, are things Sheridan Reed wears like a shadow. It is full of soul, colorful jazz voicings, catchy lyrics that a pop hit demands, and subtle nods to the west coast vibe he grew up with.”

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Earmilk Spotify Playlist Track Feature

Listen to Sheridan Reed’s single, “We Should Both Be Here” featured on Earmilk’s Spotify playlist here:

Music Video Feature with Tha Produce Section

“Austin-based, soul-pop, singer-songwriter Sheridan Reed and premiering his sultry and nostalgic video, ‘We Should Both Be Here’ ahead of an upcoming album and amidst a summer tour. The track was produced by Moses Elias and the video shows a woman’s nightly routine as she misses her recent ex-boyfriend who she’s not ready to move on from, wishing he was there with her. She can feel his memory throughout the space and the connection that they had there, yearning for each other without being together.”

Watch the full video here:

Music Video Feature with Mystic Sons

US frontman channels some serious soul on this wonderfully warped and groove-filled jam”

Watch the full video here:

Music Video Feature with The Word is Bond

“Sheridan Reed delivers a nice blend of soul and pop on his new record titled “We Should Both Be Here”. The Austin-based singer-songwriter teamed up with producer Moses Elias who crafts a soulful soundscape for Reed’s sultry and rich vocals.”

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HypeBeast Spotify Playlist Track Feature

Listen to Sheridan Reed’s single, “We Should Both Be Here” featured on HypeBeast’s Spotify playlist here:

Music Video Feature with Solo Vibes

“Austin-based, singer/songwriter, Sheridan Reed unveils the visuals to his soulful single, "We Should Both Be Here." Moses Elias provides the production as Sheridan's gives us a visual of a woman who misses and yearns for her ex-boyfriend who she’s not ready to move on from as she hangs on the past.”

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Music Video Feature with SingersRoom

“Austin-based, singer-songwriter Sheridan Reed releases the accompanying visual for his new single, “We Should Both Be Here,” a song from his forthcoming album.

Produced by Moses Elias, “We Should Both Be Here” is a soulful and intoxicating ode with lyrics reminiscent of a past relationship — longing for a love that was lost. “It’s driving me mad, can’t you see / I’ll deal with it gladly / I’ll be thinking bout you / Thinking bout me / Thinking we should, we should both be here,” Reed emotionally delivers.”

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“Combining the inherent evocative feel of soul and the infectious sweetness of pop can sometimes be a difficult feat to master. However Austin-based singer-songwriter Sheridan Reed is adept at fashioning songs fuelled by his mastery of combining soul and pop with intense passion and quiet sentimentality. His single "We Should Both Be Here" is an exceptional example of his talent and of his storytelling. EARMILK is proud to exclusively premiere the music video for the single, with the official release being tomorrow, August 31.”

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Exclusive Interview with Review Fix

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Reed: Every song is different, but for every song, there is a very specific person, experience, or feeling that I’m writing about, typically from my own life. Sometimes I will be inspired to write about something from an outside perspective, but for the most part, it’s more of a cathartic experience.”

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Interview with Nataliez World

“Soul and R&B artist Sheridan Reed decided that after some time with being part of numerous bands, he would go on to become a solo act. To this day, he continues to play music, different genres in fact, but does stick to a handful of the sort to keep him occupied as such."We Should Both Be Here" is his newest single release that will be accompanied by his first official music video out this fall. After which more singles will follow suite, allowing for him to focus on doing what he loves best, music! Sheridan Reed himself goes on talking about all of these matters if not more so.”

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Kick Ass Indie Jams Track Feature

Sheridan Reed’s new single, “We Should Both Be Here” featured with Kick Ass Indie Jams-

“It’s this bouncy blend of soul and jazz spiked with subtle luscious west coast vibes that makes this brother lovable and charming!..”

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Track Feature with Shameless Promo SF

Shameless Promo SF features Sheridan Reed’s new single, “We Should Both Be Here”

“R&B/Soul singer-songwriter Sheridan Reed has recently unveiled a brand new single, entitled "We Should Both Be Here". The track was produced by Moses Elias, and will be featured on Reed's upcoming studio album.”

Check out the feature here:

Interview and Artist Feature with Dallas Voyage

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do you do and why and what do you hope others will take away from your work? -
I first and foremost consider myself just another person. I’ve got tons of my own baggage and flaws, but I’m doing my best to work through them, learn from them, and grow. It’s the same approach I try to take to playing guitar, singing, and songwriting.

I write as a form of catharsis, to express and process how I feel about a certain situation or person, and often discover things I didn’t even consciously know myself. It’s a way for me to work through things, and I create because it’s natural–I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the last couple years, and with that, I’ve done a lot of learning and growing as I reflect introspectively on them, and that’s what I hope people can take from my music.”

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Imperfect Fifth Guest Playlist

Guest playlist feature on Imperfect Fifth of Sheridan Reed’s current favorite artists that he’s listening to.

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Track Mention with LA Music Critic

Great mention of Sheridan Reed’s new single “We Should Both Be Here”-

“We love the groove of “We Should Both be Here,” and are sure you will too.  Enjoy this tune.”

See the feature here:

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Unsigned Artist Spotlight with Kill the Music

Kill the music features Sheridan Reed with their unsigned artist spotlight-

“Growing up on the West Coast, Sheridan Reed learned of his love for music. Playing from an early age, he continuously worked to foster his creativity and grow as an artist. Starting his first band in high school, which went on to receive radio play and perform at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, CA, it was merely the beginning.”

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Single Review with PM Studio

PM Studio gives a review of Sheridan Reed’s new single, “We Should Both Be Here”-

“The track is sophisticated sound with smooth vocals like '80s LA sound such as Boz Scaggs and Bobby Caldwell.”

Check out the full review here:

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Exclusive Premier on SoulBounce

Singer-songwriter Sheridan Reed has love on the brain in his new single "We Should Both Be Here." The Cali-bred, Austin-based talent reminisces about an old flame that still flickers on the track, but circumstance and distance have kept the two apart. However, Sheridan would love nothing more than to get that old thing back.

'"We Should Both Be Here" is fueled by nostalgia and passion. "It's driving me mad, can't you see / I'll deal with it gladly / I'll be thinking bout you / Thinking bout me / Thinking we should, we should both be here," Reed sings on the pre-chorus and chorus. You feel his yearning throughout the song, which even catches him by surprise. "Didn't think that I'd be the one to be sentimental," he states at the beginning of the second verse, making it clear that these feelings have thrown him for a loop. Her love – or, better yet, the lack of it – has Sheridan swooning and crooning. Producer Moses Elias lays a sonic foundation of guitar, drums and well-placed saxophone that complements Reed's vocal and lyrical vibes.'

Single Feature on TrueSk8 Magazine

Click the link below to view the feature and listen to Sheridan Reed's new single.

Sheridan Reed will also be doing a live show taping with TrueSk8 Magazine in San Diego in November, keep an eye out for the live stream!

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Feature and Interview with Unsigned Spotlight

Check out Sheridan Reed's exclusive interview with blog Kill the Music discussing some of his history and current influences in their Unsigned Spotlight section. 

"Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and do you think these topics will change over time?"

"I write all of my music, and often I find myself writing about certain specific relationships or instances of connections, albeit different kinds. It’s all pretty introspective. So I guess a lot of the songs end up being about love and connection, or the pursuit of or lack of it. I’ve definitely focused mostly on myself but I’m trying to expand my writing to more external topics as well, and I think to grow as an artist I have to."              -Sheridan

Interview with Middle Tennessee Music

Sheridan Reed gives an exclusive interview about his journey so far, as well as challenges he's faced along the way.

"What led you down this path of music and what motivates you to stay the course?"

"It’s been a long journey getting here, first inspired to pursue music by my older brother but then finding my own legs and direction. I played classical, then jazz, then rock and now I’ve finally developed my own sound and style. It wasn’t really up to me as far as staying the course and continuing to do music. I do it for me, it’s what I would naturally be doing on my own as a cathartic experience, to work through certain emotions and experiences. It’s what I love to do and it’s my favorite feeling in the world to finish a song—it feels like my brain can finally put the issue to rest, at least a little bit. At this point I do it for me, and if people can relate and enjoy it then all the better." -Sheridan

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Track Mention with Skope Entertainment:

“It is full of soul, colorful jazz voicings, catchy lyrics that a pop hit demands, and subtle nods to the west coast vibe he grew up with.”

Check out the mention here: